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The Antipampers had a demo a mode, in a demo a mode well reading of counters of waste ink of all supported printers of Epson, normal (not reinforced) procleaning, the test , reset of level of ink on Epson L100, L200, L800.
Free reset of pampers (the counter of waste ink) is accessible to many models of printers of Epson also.
It is possible to download as always on a site of the vendor https://antipampers.pro
For most active Beta of a tester of a demo of a mode of the program a prize - the Key on Full the program Version.
To us very important your judgement on serviceability of the program!! With pleasure we answer all your questions.


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If it is not accessible, it would be good to add still possibility to do the test of various modes of the press in a demo a mode.


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Just such test also is accessible smile


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