Topic: Epson px-204 on a photo the upper edge green, lower

Some years ago came into the hands Japanese EPSON PX-204. Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth... But now solved on it photos , and it is frank .
At all expected lacks, ones and a half  on top prints generally only the greenish.
And one and a half centimeter from below on raised "juiciness" and slightly the magenta.
Bottom edge, I assume, because of a clip of a tail of a paper quitting a feeder.
But why at the very beginning of color generally miss - I do not understand. The main part of a photo somehow, but from apart looks tolerably.
http://forum.ixbt.com/post.cgi?id=attac … 54:0:1.jpg [off] (1136x640, 142.8Kb) [/off]
http://forum.ixbt.com/post.cgi?id=attac … 54:0:2.jpg [off] (1136x640, 104.1Kb) [/off]
Arrows - a press direction
Led in the driver head calibration, the last two rows of small squares good gray did not turn out, but 10 time it was possible to deduce on  almost without vertical ruptures.
Unfortunately in Europe and in the USA I do not know a printer title. And Epson renames production depending on region. Approaching service-tulsu too could not pick up yet; that came into the hands, do not communicate with it on network port.
Here the printer photo, can identify it:
[img=600x402, 16.5Kb] http://lucky-print.biz/img/shop/13840/px-204-3.jpg [/img]
[img=522x421, 12.8Kb] https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com … SX522_.jpg [/img]