Topic: Join of 2 local networks in one

Good afternoon Respected . In a question of a choice of the suitable equipment and a method of connection your consultation is necessary for join of two local networks.
There is an apartment, the wire Internet from MTS is connected. Technology of connection l2tp. Router TP-Link 1043ND is installed (is available static IP in a network, IP on the Internet dynamic), various multimedia devices are connected to a router (TV, a media player) and the computer with installed HMS (home media server) for review from TV by means of dlna films etc.
We are going to move now in the adjacent house, it will be connected there so MTS. In apartment I will collect and I will deliver NAS for film library storage. I want to unite a local network of two apartments that it was possible easy from apartment No1 on the TV set to launch a film being on NAS apartments No2. The greatest possible speed is Accordingly necessary (earlier at us in a network it was actively used dc ++ and speed was 100 mbit/c), whether probably to unite 2 networks, using internal IP addresses of the provider?. I can not be defined what router to me better to pick up for apartment No2. Or I can I do not see before eyes of more obvious and simple method of the decision of the given problem?


Re: Join of 2 local networks in one

(google.111767932023891587806) Evgeniy Luzkarev
Whether probably to unite 2 networks, using internal IP addresses of the provider?
Hardly the provider is delighted, even if such possibility would be.
But, probably, he agrees on VPN between two nodes for separate payment.