Topic: Modems ZTE and viruses

Good afternoon! There was such question, the network renders services of wireless internet WIMAX 4G and gives modems of Chinese vendor ZTE for use. Some time ago the provider hacked a certain virus  and certain rulers of modems departed with the ends, others dropped adjustments and not the fact that do not depart. That the service did not understand yet... The Virus itself  modems and then to them is not present access...
How it is possible to secure the modem against a virus? This virus amazed routers from a network of the provider without getting to the computer or nevertheless on the computer too their file somewhere is stored?
There is Kaspersky's antivirus, in the modem disconnected a firewall for access http and telnet (after that resets of adjustments of the modem stopped). From those modems that already departed there were those that had vaj-faj inside, at them not all modems with vaj-faem, is normal to which in addition the router for autodistribution is connected. But the router of the indirect vendor, . their router, for example for flash cards departed one of the first.
Whether it is possible to save somehow an insertion, which now at the modem and if the virus  arrives? Or after that the programmator and still that is required... And they any more are not subject to recovery?
I use their normal modem and an indirect router,  was disconnected in adjustments of their modem.
Whether it is necessary to register in addition something in modem adjustments (except default settings that the provider gives).
How such virus generally was spread? It at them on the server at office?


Re: Modems ZTE and viruses

How it is possible to secure the modem against a virus?
At once to change login-password on a router for the, instead of to use  admin-dmin