Topic: SSD which was and ( worker SSD does not see)

All kind! The situation very strange and  is already enough me nerves. I will make a fresh start - it is necessary to overstay temporarily on old  (about 1.5 months before purchase new). Was Celeron B800 and 2 Gb . Found i5-2410m and still a lath on 2 Gb, delivered, all was got, problems any, even  it was not necessary to stitch (and new and did not find, on  MT compal pbl10 on HM65). Well and for entire happiness thrust the SmartBuy Ignition 4 instead of native HDD. And  it does not see, in any and anywhere. Smoking in Google, found the given advice "disconnect a disk, in BIOS SETUP-> Save and Exit-> Restore Default, save (F10), ungear a notebook. Connect SSD". I fulfill in accuracy - and earned, it was got, the old Windows 7 were launched (already stood, SSD were system on ), only fire wood is not present, the Internet is not present, well I think, it doesn't matter, thrust reversely HDD, downloaded fire wood on , I stick reversely SSD under the instruction - and  it again does not see:confused:. As I only did not try it to launch, and could not, all variations tried, with  batteries, etc. the Further smoking of Google gave such a post , the situation at the person is similar, but at it dependence accurate is and  works always, and here any and it is again invisible to system. Thought about update , but the Internet finds only version 1.6, and at on  costs 2.2, which fresh output date. Gain, brothers, and that  are, and use it I can not!