Topic: How to force internal USB in a notebook to submit a supply on the device?

There is a piece of iron from fujitsu, and there is in it recently released port USB from ....
I  there , but not here that was.
D + and D - basically it is possible to use, but only at an indirect supply (for experiments I take 3.3 from the nearest mpcie)
On port  standard VDD | D - | D + | GND , here only a supply there appears on 2-3 at the moment of switching-on.... And.... And all.
Besides it there there is still a pair of contacts if to trust  on W-module which there was, these are certain USB_DETACH and /RESET
[spoiler] [img=537x372, 27.1Kb] http://i.piccy.info/i9/9e8c322255c03f24 … 062148.png [/img] [/spoiler]
Question in that how to force this  to submit normally a supply on port??
Here  on : https://fccid.io/RYYEYSMJCS/Users-Manua … ual-853798
on mother did not dig out (((
If to stick there native  that all it is got and works, even  is.