Topic: Officeserve 7200 calls are dropped

Hello experts.
Got given  on which the autosecretary is adjusted... At calls from out of (city \mobile) from five numbers - the autosecretary  to push certain digit and you throws on certain department if not to select digit he repeatedly will speak the phrases of 4 more times.
Today for some reason calls started to be dropped simply as clients spoke.
Itself tried to ring with mobile on each number, there is an autosecretary tells half of put phrase, happens after  words, happens after the first circle - the call starts to peep simply as though the modem from 90-s', happens simply silence and through pair seconds the call is completed... In the provider say that at them norms.
Who can prompt in what a problem?


Re: Officeserve 7200 calls are dropped

To the provider do not trust, connect phone on a line to  and check up.
How the city comes, not from IP boxes?


Re: Officeserve 7200 calls are dropped

Specify what exactly got. Features like the secretarial can "suddenly appear not onboard P, and, for example, services  or other switchboard of an ip-network. If it not so - take an interest who and where left  from inherited Officeserve 7200. Anyway at first there is a sense to remove full  the switchboard. Otherwise the left can appear"suddenly"a commissioning heritage God knows what year after which changes in a configuration there was a cart and the small cart


Re: Officeserve 7200 calls are dropped

The first help which has come to mind - to check up an overload SVMI-20E . If such trouble in station is not present - to ring to the , to ask on what the autosecretary is adjusted.