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Phone not important what as tried on other phones and the same symptoms. An essence such. We include phone with number 124, within 10 minutes works as did not happen, and then it is simple to it not to phone and from it too. Another tried bodies. Also registered the same number. The same result. Replaced number with another and all began to work normally. Deleted 124 number from the server, then added and all the same the same trouble.
Problem still that the SIP-server on the basis of Infinity, on which any documentation is not present, and any consultation paid. Can at whom was similar we tell on Asterisk and how you solved this problem?


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On an asterisk such does not happen and cannot be. It free itself. And consultation free.
Already anybody does not use paid automatic telephone exchanges. All joyfully forgot about their existence and the problems, which paid automatic telephone exchanges bring.


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MaxRAF : not important what,

Mmmm... Well as it is possible to write so much about a situation and to tell NOTHING... Only delirium any.
Phone "not important what" where?
In an internal network, on NAT, or generally it is included through a proxy or VPN!
Where an asterisk, in an internal network, on the Internet?...
What client or phone, what "daws"... $ It is important!!!!
P.S. The client loses registration and all !! But to help it is necessary to know a way!!!
Adding from 9/15/2017 10:10:

MaxRAF : still that the SIP-server on the basis of Infinity, on which any documentation is not present

Well probably broad gulls to look cancelled nobody and it is not necessary on it to any paid consultation.


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https://www.inteltelecom.ru/wiki /