Topic: Problem with a sound on the discrete sound card Audigy SB 0570

All kind time of days!
At first a configuration:
Mother : P43-ES3G
Percents : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5 Ggts (3.0 Ggts)
Operativa : DDR2 8GB 400 Mgts
System : Windows 10 Corporate 2016, in August was a system hard reset (passed with 7 on 10-ku) from zero.
This history began with the moment when to me one old acquaintance threw off as superfluous the old computer in which there was nothing of useful in my opinion except the screw and. That sound card specified in a title of a subject ( Audigy SB 0570 ).
On pleasures of a miniupgrade of the bakery I ran to install this sound card in the computer. Installing it, faced the first problem - absence of drivers. This problem fast solved, all was installed, all works.
Well and at last I launch The KMP for the first test, I include the first song from the playlist, I listen - and about a miracle! What deep, accurate and loud enough sound (built in on a floor-mat. To a board does not pull earphones, it is silent enough (yes, yes, in a green connector)). But after 20-30 seconds of listening of an audio-track it began. The sound started to brake, jam (extension with stutter) each 5-10 seconds. Well, the first thought  the program - did not help. Checked up through other means of playback - too most. Came into Google, looked at video, and there too (no, video thus did not brake). From this drew an output that a problem global, instead of in players. Rebooted a computer - did not help, took down the driver, delivered reversely - did not help, delivered 3 more different versions of drivers (separately, it is finite) - did not help, changed PCI slots - did not help. Earphones 2.0, normal, without , but business is exact not in them.
In general, I ask the help from you, I made all that could sad. Ask questions interesting you on system if it is required.


Re: Problem with a sound on the discrete sound card Audigy SB 0570

Creative Audigy SE (sb0570) driver windows 7. Who did that do? Or help


Re: Problem with a sound on the discrete sound card Audigy SB 0570

Thanks huge that directed on this subject smile! There it is a lot of that  that where to reinstall, take down, change, delete etc., but the true is on penultimate page: if at you the sound on this sound card brakes - come into the Control bar> Power consumption> Find there parameter "High performance", and include. So one  all your problems with a sound evaporate. Once again thanks, a subject can be closed.