Topic: bluetooth earphones

All I welcome!
Again hemorrhoids with  ((On a court yard 2017, and glitches as in 1994.
There is the elementary of bljutuf-set Harper HB-107. Right after purchases connected to test to the smart phone, I listen to music, all perfectly and suddenly entering call. "Lifted the receiver" - a voice of the subscriber not to disassemble at all, one , ears cuts. Ungeared/included - all normally. To a computer , the same hogwash. The first time you include - , half of sounds it is not audible, on/OFF - all is excellent. Sometimes at once a normal sound.
All right, for earphones for 900. It is normal (before were SONY for 5000. - and at them from time to time such glitch got out). But here something absolutely mercilessly began to drive, and I in hopeless attempts to correct, deleted earphones from devices and added on-new. It became better not, became absolutely. The sound now on a computer always such awful, helps nothing. But thus to the smart phone I connect - all perfectly.
What to do, not clearly.   anything yet did not meet (((
Before catastrophe when earphones joined a computer, in a window 2 tags, and now - only one ( https://yadi.sk/i/6ODnKI1v3MhkL5) have been drawn. I do not know, it is connected somehow or not.