Topic: At playing FULL HD video on imac, players "pass frames"

Recently has been acquired here such imac but only instead of fusion drive it is installed SSD on 256 gigabyte. All more or less normally works - except video. At video review in FULL HD at first all is lost normally, and then minutes through 10-20 player as "passes" some frames and then again normally loses while through any time such problem does not get out. When it happens, VLC starts to show how many minutes of a video-roller transited and in some seconds the information on time disappears.
In what here there can be a business? The first that comes to mind - slow speed of a disk. I tried to transfer a file with exterior USB a disk on built in SSD and to look from it, but it did not solve a problem. Also I tested playing by means of program MPV from an exterior disk, but it did not help.
I tested for two different FULL HD video files. Here the information on codecs
https://image.ibb.co/h3OsQb/1.png [off] (1010x678, 316.7Kb) [/off]
https://image.ibb.co/jp1qBG/2.png [off] (978x458, 217.8Kb) [/off]
Help to understand, please, with this problem.


Re: At playing FULL HD video on imac, players "pass frames"

For playing of such files of productivity of yours  suffices it is superfluous.
Check up errors in s.m.a.r.t. (Such "fadings" the defective cable then the parameter 168 will have any value more than 0) can give or try other player
https://lhc70000.github.io/iina /


Re: At playing FULL HD video on imac, players "pass frames"

Too most. That KvikTajm is characteristic shows smoothly and without .