Topic: iPhone 7. A binaural sound

Good afternoon. Such situation. To the device about 10 months. Until recently on tonal quality of attention did not turn, special claims were not. The binaural sound was felt, but at turning of the device during playback of a binaural sound sounding noticeably changed. Till now wrote off it that both speakers are directed every which way, but here recently noted in adjustments possibility to arrange a sound between left and right channels and tried to test sequentially a sound at first on one channel, then on other. The result puzzled: a sound from the lower speaker like more or less, but from speech a sound noticeably more silent and thus dirty, rattling that-whether. After that, returning all to an initial state, listened and noted, as in a normal mode the speech speaker behaves precisely also, simply lower it deafens for the account  loudness and rattles is not audible almost. During talk of any censures, the interlocutor it is audible accurately. Whether somebody faced the similar? Can be so at all? Or nevertheless any malfunction takes place?