Topic: Iphone SE - not to take.

Iphone SE - not to take. And generally after such at me to production of Apple mistrust.
Bought to the girl - it to photograph on phone loves, and in SE very good camera.
1. The awful display. I at first thought spoilage can, but  a subject understood that norm. The display certainly is better than in phones for 2-4.. But is worse than in iphone 5s, and generally in phones from 5.. Displays in the core it is better.
2.  button "Home". . In half of cases official service of Eppl recognizes as spoilage, and you live 3-4 weeks without phone (to be stunned as fine?). In other half of cases does not recognize as spoilage (besides 3-4 weeks without phone, and return you it).
3. The sensor control on edges behaves somehow unusually.
All is pleasant to it, but I having a look at it changed mind to itself such to take.


Re: Iphone SE - not to take.

And in SE very good camera
From what you so solved?:spy:
I having a look at it changed mind to itself such to take
It generally on the fan phone, so anything surprising:gigi:


Re: Iphone SE - not to take.

The camera there same as in 6S, except for optical stabilizing. And generally well photographs. And in what phone to 20.. The camera is better?
I for example the fan of 4 inches. But looking on such from Eppl to change the old 4 inches of the Sleepyhead, on these new 4 inches the desire disappeared.