Topic: Update of applications manually Samsung Galaxy J3

I have Samsung phone galaxy J3 December, 2016 (not in 2017 was issued). There a heap of the built in applications of type , Google-maps, chrome, etc. All of them  were.
This phone took shorter one month ago quitted in the mobile Internet (wi-fi disconnected for non-payment) and updated all of them  to me all traffic. After that I got in google play and delivered in adjustments that it never updated the built in applications, even through wi-fi.
Now I paid the house Internet, and is limitless wi-fi. I again got, delivered "only through wi-fi". But it all the same does not update. More shortly me it got.
Whether nobody knows it is possible to find somewhere simply manually the button "to Check up updates"?
Came into Adjustments-appendices - there there is no such.
Simply it would be desirable here included wi-fi pushed "search of updates" and it updated all. And then disconnected wi-fi and I wait the next week. Because automatically it is updated on  to what schedule. It is unpredictable.
Adding from 10/8/2017 02:37:
Seriously, I already checked up everything that is in "the adjustment" menu, there such opium was not present.
Somebody knows as on  to update applications manually?


Re: Update of applications manually Samsung Galaxy J3

Play Market-> the Menu-> My games and applications-> to Update all.