Topic: It is not possible to be updated to the last Windows version 10

There is a problem with update of OS Windows 10 to the last version 1703 (the Assembly of OS 15063.13).
At once I will underline that an amount of the information at me poor enough since time which I led behind a problem monoblock has been restricted.
So monoblock DELL with Intel Core processor i7 4th generations, . Storage 8 , HDD SSD 512 Gb.
At pushing F2, the interface as in BIOS gray-dark blue (it can and is), in adjustments it is exposed UEFI. In OS looked, a marking of disk GPT.
It is not possible to update license Windows 10 x64 to the final version (to me tried standard Windows Update and all utilities from a site of Microsoft and other methods available in a network). A finite error I did not see, but as transferred after streaming percent of update the error in which something is told about sections Windows is displayed.
Coming in . Disks marked that on the only thing physical HDD SSD there are 8-9 sections which majority are similar to the superfluous. On all visible there should be load, further a section with OS (disk) and factory recovery partition. All remaining available sections to one gigabyte (some the identical size 300b as though clones).
Learned that earlier on the given monoblock there was idle time HDD, from which OS transferred on SSD (I suspect that transferred crookedly).
In Acronis Disk Direktor all sections are displayed as dynamic.
I understand that gave not enough information as there will be a possibility I will write about an update error, I will lay out a screenshot of sections HDD.
OS reinstallation is the last variant, it is extremely desirable to save system.
If already at someone is think that it is possible to try, please write. Thanks.


Re: It is not possible to be updated to the last Windows version 10

Easier to rearrange system and  a software; precisely spend less time.
Save factory section and deliver absolutely. Even by problemless machines there are errors at "update atop", and here problems will precisely even if update will be got.