Topic: hyper-v Merge shortage of a place

Hello, on a disk there are 4 files:.vhd in the size about 150 and three .avhd in the sizes about 500. I deleted  in  hyper-v and ungeared the machine for automatic merge. Merge went.vhd increased to 330, but the place on a disk ended, merge hangs on 22 %. How it is correct to cancel now merge and to make it already correctly? If I simply push the right mouse button and "to cancel merge" it it Is fulfilled returns in what state? Prior to the beginning of merge? Or can  cut from three temporarily last on other disk, wait when it splices the first , deletes it and to return the third into place while it will glue the second? I ask your professional help. Thanks.


Re: hyper-v Merge shortage of a place

Yes, it is possible to cancel merge or simply to launch , but it begins anew at following shut-down. Plan correctly subsequent actions like transfer  on other disk.