Topic: I can not create archive: though places on a disk much, there is a message on its lack.

Wanted to make archive of a disk of a C (on same  still disk D,  small - 80 ) on disk F (another ). Earlier it did repeatedly, now there was a message on a place lack on a disk though on F the empty seat suffices. Launched a disk of recovery, errors it has not been found. Control of disks shows all correctly.
Probably, it is connected with :
Earlier transferred system on one more disk on 500  (one more winchester, is now disconnected). That disk was on 500 . Disconnected the winchester on 80 , for a marking interposed DVD with WIN7, divided a disk, the beginnings (by mistake) loading on it systems with DVD and then loading interrupted. Loaded with F from archive system. After recovery of system the disk 500 began to show sections in volume as on a disk with which it was produced  (see the picture of the winchester with a C disk, D), i.e. the huge volume of a disk disappeared. Disconnected 500  a disk, connected on 80 , interposed a recovery disk, errors then all information on D disappeared (well have been found and rectified and is fine, all core is copied, only WIN could notify). Again interposed a disk on 500 , and DVD c WIN7, deleted all sections and created them anew ( system any more did not launch). Recovered archive with F, the disk volume began see normally. Installed updates WIN, programs and made on F archive (substituted previous). Created an image  on 80  a disk from this archive. Perhaps what the image formed from archive which has been created with 500  a disk, now it is impossible on-new to archive it on F? A disk on 500  Hitachi HDP725050GLA360  the driver.


Re: I can not create archive: though places on a disk much, there is a message on its lack.

And about what disk she writes that there is not enough place, not about a C: whether? It is remembered, there was a history: the Windows did not want to delete a file, too wrote "not enough place for file removal" therefore as before removal it what for COPIES it in the Basket or somewhere there still.