Topic: smallftpd chokes by transmission of a file more than 340 MB

This program has been selected by me as alternative "to the general access to files and printers" Windows after epidemic Wannacry. The house network to me is necessary not to be dragged only with flash cards so 445 on all computers I blocked port without deliberating. Me assure that there is an update. Me assure that all repaired, and more this cipherer does not make the way anywhere, especially vulnerability old. But  remained. Probably, in the future I will change the decision about this service. For now - FTP.
So, as I hope, you could assume - the small program in which it is possible to push two buttons is necessary to me and to know that now my notebook turned in FTP the server. So from FileZilla I will refuse at once, at all it is not necessary to offer it to me. I there will simply lose the way in menu items.
sftpd on this subject - a thing, close to an ideal - any superfluous buttons, holds properties in an ini-file - that else to wish? But there is one problem: the first 340 MB of any file on the server the client takes away with a speed of 12 MB/WITH, or about 96 Mbit\s that corresponds to an inscription on my router. Further - it is less, up to Mbit\s units, that is speed falls a minimum ten times.
So, all on participants of transmission:
1. The server: x64 Win7 smallftpd versions 1.0.3.
2. A router: D-link DIR-615, insertion E4. I can give the exact version of an insertion, but I do not think that business in it. On three computers and one phone  look in the days, two play. Problems was not. I reboot once a month, a maximum.
3. The client: any Windows and as a rule FAR 2.0.1807 and its FTP-client. Value of the buffer in the client - 5120 byte.
If simply to take the archiver, and to cut a file on pieces, we admit on 300 MB - they depart one after another, without the slightest problems. From this I do an output that the problem does not concern the swap file on the client or the server, cannot be generated by a router. Please, stick with a nose where still to dig.


Re: smallftpd chokes by transmission of a file more than 340 MB

smallftpd looks any half-dead project.
To try Filezilla it would be quite good at least for experiment (whether such effect repeats in it).
Try to look at a free file Web server: http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/
He enough simple also does not demand the special client.