Topic: FirewallD and tun0 after system update

CentOS 7
FirewallD, OpenVPN (etc.)
Yesterday (9/18/2017) updated a heap of a software and there was one problem:
The interface tun0 cannot be added in any zone FW, more precisely he writes that it there is:

 # firewall-cmd - permanent - zone=trusted - add-interface=tun0
The interface is under control of NetworkManager and already bound to ' trusted'
The interface is under control of NetworkManager, setting zone to ' trusted '.

+ firewall-cmd - reload
But upon it is not present: information output (- list-all-zones) shows that the zone trusted is not active and on it there is no interface and traffic OpenVPN does not work.
Rolled away FirewallD on previous the version (deleted  and downloaded necessary rpm) as does not work.
[del] it is necessary to be overloaded in kernel prior version (but it only can be made in the evening) [/del] did not help
Something else can affect another?, 9/19/2017 16:32]