Topic: Whether is setup creator with target=windows which it is possible to execute from under ?

Such configuration - is a software on a toad which is normally executed under  so and , and auto-tests - all becomes under .
But there is also a fact-finding version under Windows which with the help launch4j are packed in *.exe. That is convenient in launch4j, process of creation EXE too transits under , in general  - it it is able from a box.
Now it is necessary to pack EXE into the unpretentious installer under Windows. Anything puzzling, automated installation in Program Files,  a config in the given place  the directory, adding in Start.
And so, the question - whether is creators  which, similarly launch4j, I can execute from command line in  under ?
Or I should lift separate VM under Windows? Or someone from them (NSIS?) it is possible to execute from under Wine, for example?
Adding from 10/7/2017 23:22:
It appears, big, than I, perverts already made NSIS package for apt.
To campaign, it is possible to use from a box. I will try.

# makensis
MakeNSIS v2.46-7 - Copyright 1995-2009 Contributors
See the file COPYING for license details.
Credits can be found in the Users Manual.
makensis [option | script.nsi | - [...]]

Adding from 10/8/2017 09:39:
And it works. The wonderful sample of the code, this NSIS! Practically the assembler as a script, and nevertheless - functional  turned out in an hour, and finished - for 3.