Topic: Football players / Ballers (2015?), a serial

I the American football generally in any way. Normal - yes.
Naturally, the desire did not arise at all to look at this serial.
And here casually came on channel A1, just there was a next series.
But a trick that interested. And a game frame in football I did not see.
There actually speech about relations. The protagonist is played by Duejn Johnson.  on it the serial also keeps.
In general I advise to look.


Re: Football players / Ballers (2015?), a serial

Cool film. Too much an unmotivated sensuality.
And generally it is strange to watch, as hero Duejna Johnson is forced to cave in under any morons.
Its image somehow is badly combined with these sags. Though so far as concerns the big money basically all is clear.


Re: Football players / Ballers (2015?), a serial

In different variants of translation, a title of a film that "Football players", "Players".
Football players likely are more exact for the given sport, but Players - probably imply what deeper philosophical sense of a film - it is a question of the big money and heroes of a film "play" - consider contracts, build favourable relations, cover a bum  .