Topic: Problem with the pig-iron heat sink

Moved to the new house, everywhere 24 .
South side with  a balcony, windows three glasses 2013, plastic. A wall nearby 40, but on North side , kitchen still all right, and here  above 17 degrees did not see... The closed system, with the atmospheric boiler 24, without spherical, without , only manual regulators, system of two pipes. The boiler began to flow, it is necessary to merge all system (is not present ). Caused several sanitary technicians, anybody is competent anything , a pier we make as  or as it is necessary...
Question: 282 a room and 20 sections, under tables which I saw it a little since under the heat sink there is a dredging, to increase not to turn out. What to do? ? If one heat sink such to put, the system will not be disbalanced? All 7 pig-iron now.
Kohl all system to merge what at once to make? Everywhere spherical to deliver?
If the system closed can an automatic temperature regulator  to street and the boiler on the coldest room, and in the remaining manual?
suggested the magnetic filter to deliver, costs? .  anybody does not wash out, like logical to deliver.
For earlier thanks!


Re: Problem with the pig-iron heat sink