Topic: Boiler ZHMZ AKGV 23,2-3 c a match burns with automatics Honeywell, but the torch dies away at start after procleaning of a pipe and boiler torches

Kind time of day all.
I use in the house 10 years with 2007  boiler ZHMZ AKGV 23,2-3 c automatics Honeywell. All like was normal, sometimes I clean an exhaust pipe and a match with the main torch  all like normal.
One of these days decided to clean once again before winter. Before procleaning it was launched about a floor  from the first.
Here here disconnected, cleaned a pipe exhaust, cleaned gas channels with , the main torch and a match too cleaned through a hole with a fragment of glass., contacts of the sensor of pull under automatics Honey unit well too cleaned and collected all reversely. Added in antifreeze system on . Was going to include, but here an ambush. The principal torch after turn with  ceased to be launched, the match burns and is lit through time. I warm up the thermocouple I wait from 40 seconds about 3 minutes but as I release the press turning button . That the main torch is not lit also a match  dies away. Tried time 15 and waited between starts for 5 minutes as in a manual it is written, all in any way. The sensor of pull did not touch. After flue procleaning checked pull is.
Directly I do not know what to do.
Can at whom there are similar boilers   with the period of service of 7-8-10-12 years can who in what prompts business and how to treat? There can be 10 years and it is necessary to change spare parts what? On site  there are like not the most expensive spare parts most it can be possible to install or with gas not to communicate?
The boiler in the south of Moscow Region works.
Thanks in advance all.