Topic: Cases which amazed us.

Hello all become interested. Sometimes there comes the moment when it would be desirable to share any history, the fact, incident. Searched similar on become native IXBT.com, but did not find a similar subject. What it would be desirable to see as a result? Likely that that like it:
https://pikabu.ru but nevertheless is a bit more serious. Not about all successively as there, and it is is specific cases from the life, forcing us to empathize, see the matter a new view.
For a seed I offer the case which has happened last week me on one .
With the friend found  on signaling setting. Object is one psychoneurological boarding school in .
To describe operation particulars I will not begin, I will tell so, interesting suffices. In general, all is quite good enough, though probably in many respects as everywhere in similar institutions of Russia. Things for speculation suffices on two lives.
But here was specific a case, to be exact the person which with the friend amazed us.
To one of us there was a local inhabitant who has possibility to move on territory (there all is strictly arranged on separations, and it everything can not, and it is correct). Asked to light (a standard question in these walls, many smoke, it is an original outlet, there are specially-equipped smoking areas). Receiving a polite failure (for an operating time began order to get, shoot on two packs, you will not give - you will offend, in general those who smokes, try to give) suggested to write verses for the girl. The colleague became interested, gave three cigarets. Here retreat. I saw our hero earlier, he read to nurses decent verses of the composition, but I have been very occupied, and then did not pay attention, and was then forgot partially. In minutes ten, something there scratching in a smoking-room, our poet (a name for the clear reasons I will lower, I think that those who it know and so understand, and another it tells nothing) approached, and gave a tetrad leaf with verses.
Not that it would be verses for the girl, but all of us and all who it saw and read, took specific for the live. And even it is more!
Here these verses:


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