Topic: We SEARCH for the Leading expert in testing department (Moscow, office)

We are engaged in development of projects on automation of administrative activity of the large companies.
Average period only a stage of coding from 1 year.
On new directions we search in collective of the leading expert of group of testing.
Carrying out of manual, functional testing of web applications (approximately 20 % of working hours)
Development and maintenance in an actual state of the test documentation (approximately 20 % of working hours)
Interaction with a design command and involvement in coordination of tasks on testing (approximately 40 % of working hours)
Understanding of methods of testing (functional, the load, modular, , system)
Experience of a spelling of testing methodologies, carrying out of tests according to a technique, preparation of protocols of carrying out of tests
Experience of testing of web applications, understanding of web-technologies
Experience of the automated testing of web applications (start of auto-tests, the analysis of results)
Understanding of life cycle of software development
Compilation of the test plan and transmission on testing
It is desirable:
Experience of usage of tools of the automated testing: JMeter, Postman, Selenium
Test automation experience (creation, finishing of auto-tests)
Experience of interpretation of errors from the browser console
Initial skills of programming, development experience on   (it is preferable JS)
Completely official employment on  ("a white" salary, holiday, sick-lists)
Possibility of distant work and flexible hours as agreed
Awards to a design command at successful performance of specifications under projects
Convenient and modern workplace
Tea, coffee, pizza on Fridays
Salary by results of interview.
Habirov Evgenie
Mail: ext.rgdev@gmail.com


Re: We SEARCH for the Leading expert in testing department (Moscow, office)