Topic: Rollers on Nitra - to means of development of programming languages

Decided to start to remove rollers the showing possibilities Nitra explaining its device and telling as with its help to do programming languages (including Expanded like Nemerle). As Nitra meanwhile lives only on.Net decided that it will be interesting to local visitors. I will spread these rollers here. As the request  rollers on https://twitter.com/nitra/( with the first roller here). And generally any help in propagation is welcomed! As subscribe for this  and my channel Nitra on youtube. Support of potential users and simply interested people is very necessary to us! If someone is interested in a subject (there is an interest in the Nitra, development  is interesting or DSL) the request to address on Skapj vc.rsdn.ru or washed vlad@rsdn.ru. I will not hide, financial support as development for fun such big and difficult project goes with a scratch is necessary to us also. If someone has any thoughts or sentences, write here or in  (skajp/mail). The first roller is devoted a plug-in to IDE over which I now I work. More precisely to the generator of plug-ins which automatically generates plug-ins to languages described on Nitra. https://github.com/rsdn/nitra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDwf7zHREvY