Topic: QT 5 and OpenGL ES 2.0

Hello! At me QT 5.5.1 it is compiled with support OpenGL ES 2 (but, I think, the question will be actual for any version QT5). My program should work in Linux. OpenGL it is necessary for an acceleration of an output of the image since is present  acceleration for OpenGL on the device where the program will work. I write on  (not qml). Almost any of standard examples going complete with QT using OpenGL do not work. A unique example which normally works "OpenGL Window Example" (and that any errors are written to the console). However the set example not absolutely approaches me, since I should to draw, and simply to deduce a ready picture through OpenGL (I from the IP-chamber take pictures, but it not an essence is important possible for a photo and from a disk for an example to take) and it is necessary to deduce not in a separate window, and on the form with others normal . But it is is specific code samples which to me for this purpose are necessary I on the Internet did not find. Somebody can prompt or give an example the code how to display a picture through OpenGL ES 2.0 in QT5?