Topic: CAB-files

All hello! Prompt, please, there is a cab-file for one old system on the basis of CE. There is a task to collect the CAB' for start in system. There was a problem: everyones cabwiz and  form the "wrong" file, not that structure. An example of the correct format: CONFRE~1.000 000setup.001 CONFRE~1.999 the First file contains the information for setting (MSCE) the Second any other information [ProgrammA] UNIQUEID = {11FFDA10-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} VERSION = WINDOWCLASS = * WINDOWTEXT = * CLOSETIMEOUT = 30 REBOOTREQUIRED = 0 ALLOWSTORAGECARD = 1 TRANSIENT = 1 FORCE = 1 Last - an executed file. CabWiz, WinCE CAB Manager create archive very similar structure, but the second file differs, it in a type xml At somebody is any thoughts?