Topic: The code organization in the project with tests

Greetings! There is an old project. Tests in it cover very small piece of a functional. Tests lie in the separate directory of source codes. The assembly system collects two  - the main design  and test which includes only tests and the code which they test. main.cpp at test and working  different (i.e. at everyone the). Since tests cover all functional in test  the small part of the code of the project gets. I on the sly  a functional, also try to cover with tests at least the new code. Also there is a problem: If my new function logically should be allocated in already existing file, which else is not present in a test project I in a test project add this file. But it pulls behind itself(himself) other files, and they, in turn, too pull something. Thus, on the sly the project code removes in test  (but it does not start to be tested there) that badly influences speed of the assembly of tests. How such problems normally dare? Or the Mb it and not a problem at all, after all in ideal tests is tested all code, i.e. and the code in test  too all.


Re: The code organization in the project with tests

Update. It seems, it is possible to break still the project into bibilioteki-modules to collect them 1 time for everyone , but at present it is not made. So it would be desirable any variant is easier.