Topic: Application under Android NDK, too long name.o a file

It is necessary to collect application under  on c ++. I collect in  studios under Windows.  falls with here such message: Fatal error: cannot create CMakeFiles/kore.dir/C_/ab/android-native-build/Sources/src/banan/server/serverData/ServerCompound_banan_server_serverdata_ListValue_IdInt_banan_server_serverdata_ServerCompound_serverdata_ServerAchieve.cpp.o: No such file or directory clang++.exe: error: assembler command failed with exit code 1 (use-v to see invocation) Apparently it is connected to too long name of the object file. At least last time the same problem dared transfer of all project to a folder to a root of a disk with a short title. But now it is not enough of it.  anything acceptable it was not possible. Unless mention APP_SHORT_COMMANDS/LOCAL_SHORT_COMMANDS in application.mk/android.mk. But as far as I understand these mk files are not used any more with passage on CMake. At least I did not find where to specify such parameters. Variants  not under windows to rename a file into something shorter - exist, but it would be desirable to solve on another.