Topic: update, an output of values

In 1 the new field of Data1 is added, in it it is necessary to write down date Tablitsy2 of a field Data2. Number for these cards is always formed by rules yy-01/dd/MM-01 where yy - year, dd - day, MM - month, remaining characters simply certain numbers, but their amount and the order are strictly defined, but since users have access to this field editing, there there are errors. Therefore it is necessary to fill this date, there, where probably, and those cards, it was not possible where to fill, to return in the form of the list (ID cards, document number). Actually, it is necessary to write a script in sql on update, probably, I think in a cycle, but that if the error is found, the cycle was not interrupted, and saved accessories of such card somewhere (that it was possible to deduce then to the user in the form of the register, let fill with hands). How it to make?)
sql server 2008r2


Re: update, an output of values

recommends to look in ancient letters https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb522522 (v=sql.105).aspx
Well and if does not help - http://www.sql.ru/forum/127456/rekomend … y-v-forume