Topic: Two server on one PC. Firebird 3 it is launched, but there is no connection.

The instruction took here: http://gsbelarus.com/gs/wiki/index.php/___Firebird___
Simple and short, all is clear.
On the PC it is already installed by means of a standard fitter and works FB 2.5.4 normally.
Downloaded zip archive firebird 3 https://firebirdsql.org/en/firebird-3-0/and unpacked.
In firebird.conf  also changed numbers of ports
RemoteServiceName = gds_db3
RemoteServicePort = 3055
RemoteAuxPort = 3065
I launch from command line

 D:\Dev\DB\Firebird3>install_service.bat firebird3
instsvc version WI-V3.0.2.32703 Firebird 3.0
Service "Firebird Server - firebird3" successfully created.
Service "Firebird Server - firebird3" successfully started.
Firebird installed and started as a service using
architecture specified in firebird.conf.

In firewall Windows 10 added an exception both for the program, and for port.
Problems 2.
1. In a broad gull-file there is a record

firebird.log wrote:

XNET error: XNET server initialization failed. Probably another instance of server is already running.
operating system directive CreateMutex failed
It is impossible to create a file as it already exists.

2. At connection attempt - an error:
[quote =] Connection failed!
Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements.
Install incomplete, please read the Compatibility chapter in the release notes for this version.
Attempting to connect to services manager:
localhost/3055:service_mgr... Failed!

At attempt to create basis: Connection not established
nbstat-a-o shows that port on listening
What can be not so?