Topic: To trace a chain of synonyms and I twist.

Brothers, greetings.
Advise the tool which conveniently visually (?) would trace a chain of synonyms and  to finite tables and their fields.
It is clear, what (probably) it is possible to write the most eight-story request, but suddenly "all is already written to us"? smile
More in detail:
Started to work over the project, in which (conditionally speaking) synonyms more than tables.
In the project nearby 5 bases (are connected through db-links), in each basis of the order of 20 circuits.
Frequently tables, as a rule, have  (that it was more convenient to superimpose policies) with the same fields.
When I select from the table (?) from any working circuit it more often a synonym which specifies on  in other circuit, that in turn can refer again to a synonym and  in the third circuit, and there can be a chain leaves and further in the fourth circuit. And sometimes in addition and through db-links.
As a rule, all fields of finite tables are commented. But while this finite field of the finite table you will reach - hundred times you will swear.
Whether there is no tool? Which would work approximately so:
To it you feed a table name (object in the circuit), and it in the answer would paint all chain (all tree) bound objects, as a result the data whence will undertake.
It is even better, that it did it on each field separately and that for a field he would specify not only a chain of objects (the field whence undertakes), a chain of types and a chain of comments.


Re: To trace a chain of synonyms and I twist.

Probably, helps