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On the way passage to cash register online. At us on points  a cash program (Delphi 2007), devices the Dash Th. Now we print the check in own format (the main  + the general discount under the check). As I understand soon all  it will be necessary to transfer through cash register online in strictly certain format (in particular, for example, as I understand a discount already should be under each name in the check). Somebody can share output structures the data on Delphi which should I will be transferred in online on a new format? How it generally all should work? In general any is necessary  on subject Delphi + online cash registers


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As far as I understand,  the cash register about online-eklz should transfer all


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The cash register itself transfers the data .
I did not need many efforts to alter under online, too the DASH.
There all too most, as earlier, except several nuances.
I use such algorithm:
On each line of the check:
Price - the price already at a discount since it does not do a discount, and in the end of the check simply it it is printed as the literal text.
Quantity - the Amount,
Department - Department;
StringforPrinting = the goods Name. Here because of one device it was necessary to cut till 1 line - 48 characters for --02, and that produced an error. And generally in  it should be transferred no more than 64 characters.
Further Sale or ReturnSale, with checks of adjustment and did not understand.
Any additional text StringforPrinting and PrintString.
After in Summ1 - the total from the buyer cash, Summ2. 4 - electronic (titles are adjusted in the cash register)
If it is necessary to send the check on . or on phone in CustomerEmail accordingly the address of mail or No phone and we cause method FNSendCustomerEmail. But reaches or not depends from .
Closing of check CloseCheck.
One more DASH singularities:
Though and  the cashier the device its beret from the table of adjustments of passwords of cashiers is adjusted in the device in a separate field, but.
That the device deduced correct  the cashier, and made so:

DrvFR =: = CreateOleObject (' AddIn. DrvFR ');
DrvFR.Password: = 30;
DrvFR.TableNumber: = 2;
DrvFR.RowNumber: = 30;
DrvFR.FieldNumber: = 2;
DrvFR.ValueOfFieldString: ='ÊÀÑÑÈÐ ' +User;

I.e. substitution of a title of the cashier also it is worked always from ..


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krapotkin wrote:

as far as I understand, all  the cash register about online-eklz

should transfer
Not mandatory. Is  with ethernet, they transfer at once, there is with usb, there an emulation ethernet over usb, there on software cash register is put