Topic: Slides and video from a C ++ CoreHard Autumn 2017

On 14th of October in Minsk there transited the next conference organized by community CoreHard.by. Now organizers laid out in a network of video and slides of reports of conference: Reports: Andrey Karpov and Evgenie Ryzhkov. Search  with usage of static analysis of the code of Roman Beleshev. A C ++ in kernel mode Grigory Demchenko.  model Yury Efimochev. The analysis and interpretation of the data of monitoring. Maxim Hizhinsky. Data stream handling on an example deep packet inspection: internal architecture and decisions Ivan Cukic. The beast is becoming functional (in English) Evgenie Ohotnikov. Actors for fun and profit Alexander Zajtsev. A C ++ Now trip report: news from the world With ++ Artem Lapitsky. We accelerate the C assembly ++ projects. Practice of usage of Unity-assemblages Igor Sadchenko. We connect a C ++ and Python II. Pybind11 Michael Gelfand. A C ++ and assembler: debugging and reverse engineering Igor Lobanchikov. A C ++ in games, big and not so Blitz-reports: Alexander Zajtsev. (Not) accurate search in Boost. Algorithm Evgenie Ohotnikov. MxxRu:: externals - Repositoryless Dependency Manager Nikolay Grodzitsky. Restinio - header-only http and websocket server Igor Sadchenko. Benchmark It Igor Sadchenko. Abseil. Let The Savior Come