Topic: [iOS] How most easier to connect TestFlight SDK?

For the first time I use TestFlight for beta-testing instead of other similar tools, and a main point - how to stick record of the log'. Saw about any TFLog.h, but at first as it as that was to connect, and secondly how to connect so that class TFLog was visible in Swift. Attempts to find it through CocoaPods did not crown success, therefore I search for other methods. And it is a question not of single development, and about possibility to fulfill one script for  all units, including TestFlight SDK and after that just downloaded of Git files will correctly build'. Accordingly a question as such possibility in case of TestFlight SDK to provide most easier. And from TestFlight SDK it will be necessary not only addition crash reports the information, but also creation error reports i.e. when application is still fulfilled, but there was any error.