Topic: How to launch ComputeShader through GLX?

I want on C# to collect ComputeShader in code SPIR-V and to launch it through library GLX on the xorg-server (instead of by the local machine) with card AMD on purpose to multiply pair of matrixes somehow. And me it is absolutely not clear, whence to begin. http://wili.cc/blog/opengl-cs.html compute shaders have to be placed into program objects by themselves and the application has to instruct OpenGL about the execution order explicitly by switching on and off the compute shader program object and calling DispatchCompute * () to run the compute shaders. Who such "program objects"? As why, as well as what for it is necessary "switching on and off"? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/379 … g-anything What library C# turns library GLX (or how to cause DispatchCompute)? We admit, OpenGL.Net SPIR this library  is not able to generate, as there this word meets all in two constants: public partial class Gl {///<summary>///[GL] Value of GL_SHADER_BINARY_FORMAT_SPIR_V symbol. ///</summary> [RequiredByFeature ("GL_VERSION_4_6")] public const int SHADER_BINARY_FORMAT_SPIR_V = 0x9551;///<summary>///[GL] Value of GL_SPIR_V_BINARY symbol.///</summary> [RequiredByFeature ("GL_VERSION_4_6")] public const int SPIR_V_BINARY = 0x9552; How to generate SPIR-V the code? https://github.com/Philip-Trettner/SpirvNet on all github it is library anybody does not use generally never (once it meets in any.csv-file, but it is not counted).