Topic: Earth orbit - round or elliptic?

I know that plane, I not about it want to ask. There are comets to elliptic orbits and when they come nearer to the sun, at them a tail. If there is something elliptic then round does not happen. It is necessary to estimate only, how much it more or less elliptic. If the orbit of the Earth drawn out it turns out that is seasons when arrives more or less energies from the sun. But it not summer and winter because time and winter are defined by an inclination of an axis of a planet to a plane of rotation round the sun, instead of in distance to the sun on an orbit (so to us speak popular tests of intelligence in mass-media). The axis is inclined all time equally (feeblly precesses), the turn lasts within a year, therefore winter/summer happen once a year. And in a case with an ellipse could be and other variants (for example two times a year?) I doubt that this ellipse has the sun (center of masses of solar system) precisely in the middle, instead of in any special point of type of focus of an ellipse. If the sun not in the middle, means and for the account of an oblongness of an ellipse winter/summer too will be one  year. Here it is possible to estimate only that has a greater influence - an oblongness of an ellipse or an inclination of an earth axis. The question - for what day of year is necessary the maximum removal of the earth from the sun - for December, 21st (day of a winter solstice) or not? Or day of a winter solstice is connected to an axis inclination, and the greatest removal is any other day of year? What? https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9E%D1 … 0%BB%D0%B8 if to judge on this picture in southern hemisphere there should be more bad climate. In Russia when winter - the earth close to the sun, and at them - on the contrary. UPD: whether there Can be these three lines from a picture three elephants at unsharp (for example machine or from unknown language) transfer? Or that were vectors of three-dimensional base? Why at all it New Year is celebrated on 1st of January, instead of by 3rd?


Re: Earth orbit - round or elliptic?

The religious police of Saudi Arabia Al Mutawa notified subject and living on territory of kingdom of foreigners about the prohibition of celebration of New year. Special subdividing of organs of the law and order, notifying on inadmissibility of celebration, is guided  (the religious instruction in Islam), published by the Supreme committee Saudi  (Islamic preachers) as Moslems follow a lunar calendar. It turns out that the world community is more ready to the organization of processes within a space of solar system. To learn who invented it, whence went... New year on an Islamic calendar is celebrated in day of a spring equinox, on March, 21st that corresponds almost always to the first day of sacred month . Calendar is conducted from Hidzhry (on July, 16th 622 years AD) - Dates of resettlement of prophet Mohammed and the first Moslems from Mecca to Medina. At the Saudi Arabs less global decision anchored only to earth processes. Here write that the Roman governor Juliem Caesar in 46 year B.C., and then in Venice in 1522 but I think feet there grow not from Rome, it is necessary to read astronomy history... On a boundary VII and VI centuries BC from Etruria (area in the northwest of ancient Italy) has been borrowed a calendar in which year shared for 12 months the majority of scientists are inclined to recognize  as the people which have come about 1000 BC to Italy from Asia Minor (Lydia) by the sea  to the strong influence ; one of Lydia's imperial dynasties belonged, as assume, to a tribe . At Tutmose III  still sent to Egyptians rich gifts, but during the period from board of Pharaoh Horemheba to Ramsesa II (XIV-XIII a century BC) Two competing powers waged wars year - a time interval between two  the climbings of Sirius coinciding in Ancient Egypt with a summer solstice (the beginning - the middle of the third millenium B.C.) Shumery died out in II millenium BC Finds from Tell an ale-uejli testify to communication shumero-akkadtsev with Samarrsky culture and traditions  a neolith 5500-4800 BC 2000 + 5500 years, it just from world creation (therefore it is possible to consider a question closed) needs to be led interesting, what actions to interpose into a calendar two days (that on January, 1st was 3rd under the modern account)? 1) to be defined with what organ should such decision to accept. The United Nations? 2) to organize the company in mass-media 3) to reprogram all software