Re: Focus with a rouble exchange rate

Hello, hi_octane, you wrote: V>> It is possible more in detail about it, and that looks as next ? _> Normal devaluation transits some typical circles of a hell absolutely pseudoscientific text, not explaining equal the account of anything but abounding with esoteric hints on certain , and judging by an amount of points for a post - visitors are seriously sick professional  multiplied by putinizm-patriotism. Professional  (or professional ) - the term from the sociology, entered by Marx and removed then in psychology; this closing on own trade when the individual refuses to see a world pattern as a whole, being restricted to an event on a workplace. Such  generates people, "well knowing only the trade, restricted to it and not participating in society life". In what all the same focus with  a rouble exchange rate? What did it give? What was the mechanism, except "all is calculated, AI, " without esoterics please.