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There is a request a mean score of students, and 2 tables, students and the table a mean score of students.
In the table students are a field of NomerGruppy.
In the table the mean score is a field a mean score.
It is necessary to me: to Create Request with grouping, a defining Mean score of each group of the Request calculating the Mean score of the student.
It something for me too difficult appeared.
As a result I understood that it is necessary for me that the request did -
1. Selected NomerGruppy
2. Then took all values of this number of group on a mean score
3. Then does an arithmetic average on a mean score for this group
Basically first 2 I satisfy a condition.
I created a field
Field:  | SrednijBall |
Table name: the Student | the Table a mean score |
Group operation:Count | Grouping |
At me as a result it turns out
Group | the Mean score
1 | 3.5
2 | 4.75
2 | 3
As to me nevertheless to make so that as a result was
Group | the Mean score
1 | 3.5
2 | 3.875
The link to downloading of my operation: https://yadi.sk/d / _ TNxMy-h3Qd4d4
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Re: Request with Totals and Avg - MS Access

Incorrect values in line "Group operation". For both fields...


Re: Request with Totals and Avg - MS Access

Even it is more: the table "mean score" violation of one of basic principles ACCESS - inadmissibilities of storage of calculated fields And storage in tables of results of requests-it generally . Rummage in not those, at forums of similar DB the sea and look at them. With your structure of a DB (even ) does not fly up