Topic: Data flow rate on a local network

Good afternoon.
Local network through a router and VajFaj with shared folders. In it two computers.
On the first:  (32), Office 2003 (32), mdb basis 2000
On the second: 8 (64), Office 2003 (32), mdb basis 2000
From the first computer  tables being on the second computer. All is good. But. Brakes awful. Tables open very much, very much, very slowly. Thus that records in them practically are not present.
I do reverse operation.  tables from the first computer to the second. All works well.
Antiviruses, firewalls, all disconnected. The network is free. For purity of experiment created on both computers new bases with one table and one record.
Prompt, what can influence data flow rate on a network? How to calculate brake process?


Re: Data flow rate on a local network

to give similar first computer about full-spheres not the problem, and to take from full-spheres for it already a problem...
Can W8 it is curve looks on XP...
Well if certainly there is no situation that in one side lan and in another WiFi (to disconnect it  temporarily)...