Topic: Free : System of monitoring of information systems 1: and MS SQL

Subject : Demonstration of operation of means of monitoring of information systems PERFEXPERT on real examples
Duration : 10 minutes presentation + 30 minutes decision demonstration + answers to questions.
In given  you in practice see, how tasks of operative response and the detailed analysis of the incidents connected to productivity of information systems (1 8.x and MS a SQL SERVER) are solved.
In the beginning  you familiarize with short presentation of end-to-end solution of monitoring and the analysis of operation of an information system and infrastructure PERFEXPERT of company SOFTPOINT.
Further we pass to demonstration of functional capabilities of the decision providing the analysis of following factors:
1. To dynamics of loading on the server of a DBMS with detailing on the user sessions
2. Display of errors and non-staff situations at users of the integrated circuit
3. Possibility to see nonoptimal requests to the data from application
4. Analytics and visualization on  operations
5. To an analyst on regulated service of databases and servers
6. Display of controlled locks 1
7. Monitoring of processes RPHOST
8. Merit figures of operation of the integrated circuit or business markers
The system of monitoring of productivity PERFEXPERT allows  to react to change of parameters of productivity, therefore the tool it is recommended to use not only in case of origin of problems with productivity, but also in cases of normal operation for preventing of these problems.
it will be interesting:
- To principals of the companies
- To managers on sales
- To technology professionals (to managers of a DB (DBA) and to engineers, architects of the integrated circuit, programmers, IT to principals)
are led free of charge, in process of acquisition of groups. Interested persons, write on ms.sql@yandex.ru
monitoring System and productivity optimization 1: and MS a SQL Server