Topic: Good afternoon, respected. I ask the help in development of a script for LibreOffice Calc

Respected , such there is a task:
It is required to trace relocation on cells in sheet
To load a picture in a component "the Graphic control item"
It is necessary for me, when the user is moved on cells:
1) to return a current line
2) to obtain the data from a column "C" and lines on which now there is a cursor - a way to a picture (to check up that it is)
3) to load this picture in "the Graphic control item" - it at me is called Image1
Problem not in syntax Basic (I am able to program a little), namely in the organization of interceptions of events ..
On the first point dug out the working code:

Sub AddChartDataListener ()
oCell1 = ThisComponent.getSheets ().getByIndex (0).getCellRangeByName ("A5:A6")
oListener = CreateUnoListener ("MyApp _", "com.sun.star.chart.XChartDataChangeEventListener")
oCell1.addChartDataChangeEventListener (oListener)
End Sub
Sub MyApp_chartDataChanged (oEvent)
dCell = ThisComponent.getSheets ().getByIndex (0).GetCellByPosition (1,1)
MsgBox dCell. String ' dCell. Value
End Sub

The given code deduces the cell text at range editing but how to make for relocation on cells?
Who can shares the code?
Or links
Thanks all


Re: Good afternoon, respected. I ask the help in development of a script for LibreOffice Calc

Found the code which allows to intercept pushing of buttons.
The code the worker:

Option Explicit
Global oDocView
Global oKeyHandler
Sub RegisterKeyHandler
oDocView = ThisComponent.getCurrentController
oKeyHandler = _
createUnoListener ("MyApp _", "com.sun.star.awt. XKeyHandler")
writedbginfo oKeyHandler
oDocView.addKeyHandler (oKeyHandler)
End Sub
Sub UnregisterKeyHandler
oDocView.removeKeyHandler (oKeyHandler)
End Sub
Sub MyApp_disposing (oEvt)
' here becomes nothing
End Sub
Function MyApp_KeyPressed (oEvt) As Boolean
select case oEvt. KeyChar
case "t", "a", "b", "u"
MyApp_KeyPressed = True
msgbox "key" "" and oEvt. KeyChar and """it is not resolved!"
case else
MyApp_KeyPressed = False
end select
End Function
Function MyApp_KeyReleased (oEvt) As Boolean
MyApp_KeyReleased = False
End Function

Now the following task - to receive the text of a cell from a current line and a column "C"