Topic: Distribution of network folders from Windows 10

The task is that;
On Windows 10 to create folders for network access, it is possible also users, but not to walk to users and not to create at them users and it is simple to everyone to send a label on a folder for access to its folder for record. (If who is familiar that NAS Server it does without problems), I in  implemented it so:
Simply I send to users labels and they freely get access to folders, but inconvenience in that that at such access at them in folders documents do not open and asks to download and then already to throw reversely in  a folder that causes mass of inconveniences. It is necessary that was as a local disk.
The question is that: how to implement access to network folders in Windows 10 without registering in each computer of the user and to use labels with passwords as it does  .


Re: Distribution of network folders from Windows 10

The domain, the guest access, the saved passwords.
Where here the task? How to organize users? So it is your care, instead of a forum.