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Good afternoon.
System - Windows 10.
The purpose - control of entering and proceeding connections.
Lock of separate programs.
Meanwhile I tend Outpost firewall pro .
But it would be desirable something superficial and not loading system.
Who than uses and what advises?


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I prefer hardware decisions


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mraklbrw wrote:

Who than uses and what advises?

The described purpose is easily reached regular Windows Firewall. It is Enough to understand from it
The full management interface accessible from Control Panel-> Administrative Tasks.


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I too consider that regular  it is enough, simply it should be adjusted, on the other hand, if you sit at a router and put all updates, if you not the paranoiac, whether is necessary it to you...


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Yes, as a result decided all to adjust through built in.
As it appeared, all is simple and convenient, it is possible both entering, and proceeding connections to supervise.