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Hello, help, please. Very long I sit with this problem, but I can not solve it in any way. It is necessary to implement shell-procedure which requests input sequentially several numbers with signs and displays 2 lists of numbers - positive and negative.  all textbook of methodics, but unfortunately, anything carried out the useful. I ask from you the help.
I apply the code which is available for me at present (found it on open spaces of this forum). Unfortunately, errors are produced:

Ver777k wrote:

White Owl, tell please in what an error

# To deduce request
# To read the list of numbers
read NUMS
# To deduce the first list
for I in $NUMS
# To deduce those,   zero.
[$I-gt 0] && echo "$I"
for I in $NUMS
# To deduce those,  there is less than zero.
[$I-lt 0] && echo "$I"


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Done? All commands and operators in unix in the lower register


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Zhuravlyov Denis;
I already corrected it, but unfortunately all the same does not work