Topic: Removal of the "bad" characters

Greetings, nobody knows as signed char of a question the automatic machine to delete.
Here such https://yadi.sk/i/pGeY_1Bh3PtPhv
It is any line feed or that, it was copied from text data array,  hinders.


Re: Removal of the "bad" characters

And it is not known that it for the character... On a photo not to define.
It will hardly be deleted by "automatic machine" - from what?
Whence it undertakes? Whence the data, in what format falls and how gets to the table?


Re: Removal of the "bad" characters

It is formed by the report in Oracle in a broad gull. It is any small square which is copied in a notepad by an up arrow, and in Excel it unknown person came.
Here still a screen https://yadi.sk/i/dhNG-K6a3Ptnft
Well I wanted through to find/replace to beat, but in the program it is not interposed.


Re: Removal of the "bad" characters

leprechaun wrote:

in Excel it unknown person came

Well request its code through VBA. And at once it becomes clear that it for the character and as it to delete program. Though I would not be soared and simply cleaned the input data from characters, inadmissible for numbers. Type

const ValidChars as string = "0123456789., + -"
Function strClearNumber (strValue as string) as string
dim i as integer
for i = 1 to len (strValue)
if instr (ValidChars, mid (strValue, i, 1))> 0 then strClearNumber=strClearNumber AND mid (strValue, i, 1)
end function

And there - though in a cell, though in the import unit.


Re: Removal of the "bad" characters

On the first screen it is similar to line feed. If to make

vT = vba.split (cells (1,1))

to vT becomes an array? In that case can help vba.trim (cells (1,1)) and with a case if in a cell number, also conversion.
Or to look Instr for vbcrlf characters, vblf. It seems char (13) chsr (10)


Re: Removal of the "bad" characters

In properties of a cell include to transfer by words. The character can not be displayed thus