Topic: Error: not bases, do not work jobs .

All greetings, a problem with bases, ceased , jobs simply work with an error "it was possible to complete the job" and all.
When I try  manually:
Backup operations, operations with files (such as ALTER DATABASE ADD FILE) and changes in enciphering should be . Repeat the instruction after end of current backup operation or operation with files.
I.e., as I understand something took away access to basis in an exclusive mode and does not give . For us with bases work under certain projects, I suspect that probably problem of them.
Tried to create new basis and here that received:
How it is possible to quit a current situation? And how to check up in what a problem?


Re: Error: not bases, do not work jobs .

The fastest - in studio SSMS press the right button on a title  and from the drop down list select "Activity Monitor", existing connections to a DB are there very visually shown, select necessary - and look, what command ran into a stupor and hinders to work with basis. And the main thing - on the user see, whom to beat strongly, but it is accurate.