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Hello. At office we use Access for change of the data. One of these days basis compression has been made. After that the data access became very long, it was necessary to restart system, sometimes helped. The message was frequent: Users cannot view application in browsers or the service is inaccessible.
If someone did not ungear the computer or did not quit application, at others were  at reversal. During it at site discovery there is an error: Service Access Services do not manage to create application of services of Service Access.
Ours  (not absolutely we) Works on hiring and it is not clear with whom and on whom it works.  does not take the call, speaks that on the sick-list.


Re: Access correction to office

Can normal  make to you that it was not necessary to compress and recover  at all.? If at compression divided  though one user was in a network the file with tables breaks, and in a folder where there is a part  with tables there is a translucent label in a format lccdb. Which does not disappear. To begin with it is necessary to delete it. The second stage to make pair of copies from a basis file where are
Tables (server so to say a part.). To transfer this file a copy for experiments on the desktop, to open it through , to remove all communications from tables, to close and save, open again and to make to compress and recover once again. After that to copy / to export tables in absolutely new  a file, old to delete, new to call as old. In new to create in turn cross-table relationships. If communications are recovered without problems again to compress and recover . Wait when all ungear computers and suppose a file with the cured data in a network folder instead of the old idle.


Re: Access correction to office

I will agree with above told. It is better to do compression and remaining adjustments, when all users quitted basis. Here also it turned out. That brakes, and as to "the system message"
The error can have following reasons :
Failure of a database of a configuration.
Security account resolutions under which the pool of applications of services of Service Access is launched, have been changed, therefore services of Service Access do not have access to a configuration database more
By service preparation there was an unforeseen error.
Try to esteem on
As look on demand access to files repair