Topic: How to get rid of "the interrupted" requests to a SQL server?

There is at me a partitioned form as data source for which the table serves big enough  from a SQL server. On the form there are buttons with which other forms open. And here that I found out: if the user does Reqery access to buttons of the partitioned form appears after update not all data of the table, and its parts (it is known). And, if the user pushes at once the button and opens other form downloading of the data from the server stops and  session on a SQL server hangs up in state SUSPENDED. It is bad, because session reserves storage under performance of request and does not release it, does not quit yet state SUSPENDED. If it is a lot of such sessions (and them much) storage can ends (well and other minuses).
Question in, whether it is possible to get rid of this situation somehow. The variant to wait the date transmission end
(For example, fulfilling MoveLast after Requery) does not approach. Here it is necessary or any asynchronous date transmission or  interruption of performance of request. In general, at all I do not know in what side to think.
Thankful in advance for helps.
Access 2010 accde, SQL 2012